This is Deep Play – Brechtian football/ politics/ theory podcast produced by SotB contributors.

The Mammoth – Karl & Joe’s non-fiction project.

Everyday Analysis – More broadly focused, SotB-affiliated project. Illuminating writing on airport queues, astrology, Kinder toys. Art & critical theory but accessible, there’s a book out with Zero.

The False Nine – Online fanzine linked to SotB via the network of unimpeachable human goodness that constitutes the Dulwich Hamlet support.

Minus the Shooting – Site which does, or did, something similar to SotB very, very well. Hope they’ll be back for 2014.

Against League Three – Thoroughly necessary campaign.

When Saturday Comes – Admirable football publication which has provided print/ online space for a number of SotB contributors. Excellent, if hard-to-register-for, message board.

The Quietus – Music and, increasingly, literary website that a few of us write for. BTL experiences there don’t kill us, they make us stronger.

In Bed with Maradona – Impressive, if Instagram-my, football blog. Will tend to keep you up all night reading about obscure Bolivians from the 1970s.

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