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Straight off the Beach is a collaborative blog commenting on and theorising the 2014 World Cup. Our aim is to cover not only the matches and teams, but the tournament’s non-footballing contexts. During Euro 2012, we coined the phrase ‘tactocracy’, and we’re not overly keen on being another blog devoted to figuring out whether or not Andrea Pirlo’s beard is a False 4.

What does the title mean? When Denmark won the European Championships in 1992 they were late entrants to the competition, having made it to Sweden only after Yugoslavia withdrew. Legend has it that many of the Danes had already embarked on their summer holidays when they were invited to participate, so they had to play ‘straight off the beaches’. <Mutters something about Roland Barthes> For the most part, this is wishful thinking, although the victorious manager, the late Richard Møller Nielsen, was supposedly pissed off that the tournament forced him to delay fitting a new kitchen.

Which team are you following? None. Most of us are English, so there will inevitably be more about England than, say, Ecuador, but we’ll be as nonpartisan as possible. If you’re checking our credentials as neutrals, our editors are a half-Scottish County Durhamer with an attitude to the English national team which veers from mild sympathy to active, fanatical dislike and a writer from Tallaght.

Can I write for you? Hopefully. If you’d like to contribute, please send a message and a link to some of your writing to straightoffthebeach@gmail.com.

How do I follow? You can follow Straight off the Beach on Twitter @S_ot_B and on Facebook.


One thought on “Queries/ Contact

  1. Robert Geal says:

    Opium for the Brazilian masses
    Blatter will no doubt be proud of Brazil vs Croatia’s ref – fully bought into the liberal consensus, plugged on ITV’s coverage last night ad nauseum, that Brazil need a win to “get the country behind them” – meaning to stop them from expressing non-capitalist protest. Fair enough if the team do that by themselves, perhaps, but to have the script pre-written by the FIFA bourgeoiscrats doesn’t help the enjoyment of the tournament’s main point (for those of us at least without FIFA’s agenda) the football.

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