Le vert, c’est les autres…

I haven’t blogged since the Ireland-Spain game partly because I have been following Virginia Woolf’s dictum that one shouldn’t write when one is angry and partly because I’ve been laid lowish with a slight bout of summer flu. To be honest, I wouldn’t have much to add to what I wrote the morning of the Spain match. It was all too predictable, even as some of us held out hope that we could pull something out of the fire before we went out on a high.

There’s been no escaping the fact it has been a disastrous tournament for the Irish, and despite the mournful defiance of the singing at the end on Thursday night, the results have had an effect on the fans’ morale. The mood on the streets and in the campsites is a lot more subdued now though that has much to do with fatigue after almost two weeks on the road.

Ireland can salvage some pride by beating Italy tonight but it’s hard to see how César Prandelli’s side, bent on attacking and needing a win, will fail to do the job. For all its faults this Italian team is not as brittle as Donadoni’s four years ago or Lippi’s hapless one in South Africa. When Trapattoni is now shifting the blame to the players for not showing leadership in the first two matches, you sense he’s not working too hard at outwitting Prandelli this evening. My predictions for the tournament so far have not been entirely successful, and I have probably shown far too much faith in Ireland prior to their first two matches. I’m afraid that faith has deserted me today, and I expect Italy to beat us 2-0, even if that may not in itself be enough to send them through.

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2 thoughts on “Le vert, c’est les autres…

  1. luke mcmanus says:

    Lots of disappointment here that he hasn’t changed the line up. Against a five man midfield you can be sure that Whelan and Andrews are going to find it seriously tough. It would make sense to have another more creative presence in midfield – probably Darren Gibson who at least is playing regularly for a decent Premiership side. And Robbie Keane has looked well off form too – Walters or Long would appeal a bit more upfront on their own surely. But I do fancy Ireland to get it together a bit tonight and restrict a potentially overconfident Italy. Maybe I’m engaging in wishful thinking…

  2. Rob says:

    It’s hard to find any grounds for optimism based on the performances thus far in the final stage, apart from the very fact that we got there at all. Here’s hoping for a last flourish against the Italians now the game is up and only honour is left to play for ! Otherwise it’s humble pie and wooden spoon time :-S

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